Practitioner Online Ordering

Practitioner Online Ordering (POO) is simple.  When you click on Practitioner Ordering below, you will be redirected to the POO site. First time users need to place their orders and then go to checkout and choose Order and Register.  You will be asked to create a User Name (email address) and Password and enter your billing and shipping information.  For future orders, just click on Log In on the POO site prior to ordering and the practitioner information will be available at checkout.  

The system does not ask for credit card information. You will be billed using your terms on file with Biotics Research Southeast.nbsp;

There are two ways to order prior to going to checkout. You can click on Items and scroll them alphabetically and add products to the shopping cart or you can click on Search and enter a product code and go directly to the product you want to order and add it to your shopping cart. Product codes are listed on the Biotics order form. 

If you need help with Online Ordering, please call 1-800-874-7318. 

Click here to place an online order ► Practitioner Ordering