Clinical and Technical Consultation in the Digital Age

Since digital technology has proven effective with numerous companies who have embraced telecommuting, Biotics Research is pleased to announce a “test pilot program” for our own Green campaign.  In our own effort to stay on the cutting edge, reduce emissions and increase productivity, we are offering a select number of accounts a chance to participate in our test pilot program.  In lieu of face to face meetings, we will conduct our meetings digitally via “Go To Meeting”.

This program is a shining example of our dedication and commitment to our customers, as well as our respect for their time.  By implementing digital technology as an avenue for clinical consultations we are able to achieve a greater level of customer service by increasing our availability to our practitioners and optimize our ability to provide on the spot support.

This program is offered on a first come basis and there will be no incurred expense for you to par take.  If you are interested in participating in this pilot program please call Biotics Research at 1-800-874-7318 for more information.